The Upcoming ‘Man Vs Bee’ Series Will Delight Mr Bean Fans

Get The Scoop on the Upcoming ‘Man Vs Bee’ Series

Many Rowan Atkinson fans are excited about the upcoming series starring this well-known British comedy actor. Rowan Atkinson is most well-known for his comedy television series, ‘Mr. Bean’, which has become a classic character that brought joy and laughter to many households around the world. 

Following his role as Mr Bean, Atkinson starred in the ‘Johnny English’ comedy action film franchise. In these movies, Atkinson plays an incompetent British secret agent who, through many mishaps and misunderstandings, is able to save the day and foil a variety of evil plots.

’Man Vs Bee’ Plotline

For those who love Atkinson’s comedic style and previous works, ‘Man Vs Bee’ is an exciting perspective show. This new series will showcase the beloved actor in a struggle against a single annoying insect. 

The recently released trailer for this series shows Atkinson in an expensive house with plenty of breakable items that fall prey to his battle with the bee. The trailer opens with a courtroom scene as Atkinson is on trial for all the items destroyed in the process of trying to eradicate the bee.

This intriguing glimpse into the story of ‘Man Vs Bee’ allows us to wonder what delightful shenanigans are in store once this new series is released.

Where to See ‘Man Vs Bee’

‘Man Vs Bee’ will be released on Netflix on June 24, 2022, so excited Atkinson fans don’t have long to wait before enjoying this wild new comedy series. The series will be composed of ten short episodes of only ten minutes each. 

This series is being developed with the help of Will Davies, who worked with Atkinson on the ‘Johnny English’ series as well, so viewers can be sure to expect the same classic style of humour that this actor is known for.