Don’t Get Too Invested in Your Favorite Show

Don’t Get Too Invested in a Show You Like

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The increase in the number of streaming services offers a greater variety of choices for consumers, but it also offers a double-edged sword to people who like to watch shows that air in an extended series format. 

We’ve all heard of niche shows that were deemed to be great by the critics, but they didn’t garner enough viewers to justify their being renewed for another season. Maybe they didn’t have enough publicity, or maybe they suffered from a slow build-up that only a few viewers appreciated. 

Devoting the time and intellectual effort to following the plot of a series and developing empathy for the characters is a form of personal investment that you take pleasure in. Suddenly cancelling that show can feel like the rug is being pulled out from under you. You crave an ending to the story and a resolution to all the plot points that you’ll never get. 

Be Prepared for Disappointment

With the increase in the number of streaming services comes an increase in the amount of competition for your viewing time. Streaming channels can no longer afford to air shows that get only a small number of viewers. Every streaming channel has to constantly air shows that appeal to the widest demographic to ensure the shows are seen by a large number of viewers. 

This is both good and bad. It’s good in that a wider appeal to the shows generally means a higher quality of writers, actors and production. But it’s bad for a show with a good premise that simply doesn’t garner the number of viewers initially to warrant continued support from the channel. 

So, choose your shows carefully and don’t get too invested in the plots and characters until you know the show has a future on the channel. 

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