Feel-Good Movies to Watch on Netflix

Top Feel-Good Movies on Netflix

In stressful times, when we haven’t fully recovered from a global pandemic, we are always looking for positive ways to chill out, destress, and feel good. One great way to relax and bring some joy and laughter into our lives is with a good movie. Here are some of the top positive movies on Netflix that you can watch to feel good.

Always Be My Maybe

This romantic comedy features the iconic comedians Ali Wong and Randall Park and many other great Asian American actors. As one of the contributing writers, Ali Wong’s humour is clear throughout the film, which also has a fun storyline and many loveable characters. This film is a wonderful way to cheer up while celebrating great Asian Americans.

Late Night

This heartwarming film is the story of two women of different cultural backgrounds, age ranges, and experiences who find common ground in their shared love of comedy. A late-night television host is afraid she may be losing her seat but can make a dramatic transition with the help of her new female show writer. This film will certainly make you laugh and boost your mood.


This adorable film is the story of a chef at a high-class restaurant who quits his job to regain his creativity as a food truck owner. Throughout this process, the main character learns more about himself and strengthens his bond with his family, rekindling his passion for cooking. This truly inspiring film is a great way to feel good and destress.

Check Them Out

Great films are a wonderful way to relax and destress after a long week. Save these titles in your Netflix watch list, so you’ve got some great movies in the queue ready to cheer you up.