Real-life Plots are Just Fine with Me

Real-life Plots are Just Fine

There seems to be an alarming trend in the movie business these days. No actor can say they’ve truly had a successful career unless they’ve played a superhero or nemesis of a superhero at least once. I’ve lost count of the number of Batman and Spiderman movies. But I’m sure there’s at least enough for all the A-level actors to put on the costume and have a crack at the roles. 

The problem with superhero movies, is that they offer such predictable plots. The plots also often feature impossible difficulties that can only be overcome with the help of copious and ridiculous amounts of expensive CGI, after which the hero takes a knee to celebrate their victory. 

Not Aimed at Adults

The studios, when criticised for the sheer amount of superhero movies, point out that these movies are aimed more at juvenile audiences. It seems like the studios have discovered a can’t-miss way to make endless amounts of money by churning out the same types of movies to an audience that eats them up. 

The problem is, that they’ve forgotten about the adult audience. Adults crave real-life stories they can appreciate. They want to explore different facets of the human experience through quality films, rather than be subject to a cartoon-like plot that can be replicated over and over.  

I can see a trend happening where movie studios cease to enjoy a better reputation than TV offers. With the streaming services still finding their audience and establishing a level of quality that can be maintained, this isn’t the time for a movie studio to take the easiest road to profits at the expense of quality productions. Let’s hope the superhero fad starts to lose steam and studio execs come to their senses.  

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